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Intelligent luminescent sneakers

Orphe, an intelligent sneaker made by no folk studio in Japan, looks like a luminous shoe with a light band at the bottom. But since it can be called “smart shoes”, of course not only that.

Orphe’s biggest bright spot is that it not only has a customizable lighting system, but also can be used as an instrument.

The sole of Orphe has a high-density LED lamp belt, and has more than 100 colors to choose from. When it is connected with the smart phone, users can freely choose the color of the light and the way of color presentation through APP.

Wear dresses with sport shoes

Each sister will have a lace skirt, and the lace will increase the elegant temperament of the woman. This lace half skirt is loved at the first sight. The retro court flower is very foreign, and the texture is also made by the technology of core wrapping, and the hand feels a slight bump. The skirt type is a three-dimensional cut based on Mermaid, creating a light and beautiful radian and full details. Like a mermaid, the skirt shape is very good for matching the buttocks, and different collocation can wear different styles.

Usually this kind of skirt is seldom worn. I think this is pretty good and I want to bring it to you. Although this long skirt is not as feminine as a short skirt, its proper length and intellectual style are still worth trying. The half skirt length to the lower leg, skimming the sexy ingredients, giving the legs more free movement space. For such a irregular skirt with a slanted wooden edge, it’s cute and cute to attract eyeballs.

This pleated skirt is really good to wear! Look at everyone’s evaluation, you know how much it wears. It can be worn now, and it can be colder with a sock under a sweater. It’s a dress that can be worn all the year round! The quality and the workmanship are good, and I’ve kept a few! It has a very strong fabric, and it has a cloth, and grey. Grey Half skirt, imported TR fabric makes the plate type straight, hand feel comfortable, breathable and sweat absorbing effect is very good.

A pair of uncomfortable shoes hurt your feet

Because of the principle of frugality, many people use running shoes to decide whether to run, play basketball or mountaineering, and even choose not to wear sneakers.

Experts say that if you are jogging, if you are wearing unwell shoes, the lower talus joint is 4 degrees inside, and the angle of the internal rotation is even greater when the ground is not flat or the speed of running is increased. Over time, it will cause foot and ankle discomfort. Excessive use or improper use of foot can also cause tendinitis and hyperosteogeny.

Therefore, when choosing sports shoes, we must first pay attention to functionality, and understand the skid function, shock absorption function and stability of sports shoes. Sports shoes with good skid resistance can increase friction and are needed for running and mountaineering. Shoes with good shock absorbing properties can slow down the impact of external forces on the feet, and give priority to ball games and jumping exercises. If you often run on muddy paths or mountain paths along the riverside, you need to choose cross-country running shoes.

3D printed sports shoes are coming

The D shoe sole uses a new type of TPU powder. This material will be very heavy if it is made solid, while the sole of traditional sports shoes is made of EVA material. Relatively speaking, TPU is more elastic and harder than EVA. In terms of price, the difference between the ordinary EVA sole and the elastic TPU powder is about 50 times. In fact, TPU materials are also used in traditional soles, such as a small piece of the arch, to support it. But the cost of such a small piece is up to tens of yuan.

Speaking of 3D printing, another advantage is that some special shoe models meet with great difficulties according to the traditional research and development methods, such as some hollowing designs. The traditional mold molding limits the shape and performance of the sole, while the 3D printing technology is capable of printing any form of the sole, requiring only one material to form one. The traditional shoe sole manufacturing requires 4~5 steps.

However, as the first domestic sports brand to launch 3D print running shoes, PEAK also confessed that the product has not yet been prepared for mass production. “The first batch of 10 pairs of limited money is introduced, and the next step is to customize the individual according to the different needs of the individual, the service will be launched in the official and flagship stores.”

Anta’s most expensive shoes were sold out in 20 seconds

In February this year, a big show led Lining (02331) to realize the future development of the company after years of dormancy, and the introduction of “Monkey King” series made the market see Lining’s vitality again. By the end of May 11th, Lining’s share price has risen nearly 6 per cent in the past three months.

Lining’s splendor is most anxious than Anta (02020). So we can see Anta in the recent movements, first by the Thompson series products KT2, KT3 designer, former Adidas designer Robbie Fowler personally designed to sell to the broken daddy shoes. It was released in May 5th this year to fight Anta Lining series SEEED products.

According to Anta officials micro release information, Anta SEEED series NASA60th commemorative shoes 3000 pairs of online 20 seconds sold out, the second seconds are also instant, 1 hours sales of more than 6000 pairs, the total sales of 10000 pairs of the day.

The 10 global shoe shops

In the rapid development of the Internet environment, online shopping has gradually become the most important consumer scene, until now, China has become the world’s largest online shopping market. As shoes fans, most of our favorite sneakers are bought from the Internet.

But the offline shopping experience is irreplaceable online. Buying shoes on every line is a rare memory for a shoe buff. Remember the first prize in the exam, mother sent a pair of shoes as a reward, when she was taken to the mall to pick shoes at the time, is the happiest shoe experience.

The service experience of buying shoes under the line is also unmatched on the Internet. The professional service of the shop assistants, the material, the size and the style of the shoes can all have a panoramic view. Some ball shoe shops are exquisitely decorated, and they are also visually enjoyable.

Global sneaker market trend report

The market research agency, Technavio, released the global court shoes market report and analyzed the important trends that will affect the global shoe market from 2017 to 2021.

Sports shoes mainly include shoes worn on the court, such as squash, basketball and badminton. These shoes are made for some purpose and have different designs for special courts. Technavio analysts expect the global stadium sneakers to reach $10 billion 730 million by 2021, and will grow at a compound growth rate of more than 2% in the forecast period.

The main trend that affects the global sports shoes and the overall sports shoes market is that suppliers customize sneakers with 3D printing technology. Some brands have been based on the digital model of athlete’s feet, making shoes outsole with this technology.

Brijesh Kumar Choubey, an analyst at Technavio retail products and services, said: “manufacturers like Adidas, Nike, New Balance have used 3D printing systems to make customized sneaker shoe soles and provide a very comfortable wearing experience.”

Apple custom sports shoes auction

Don’t mention apples, think of fruit or mobile phones or tablet computers. It can also be a pair of expensive sports shoes. The U. S. auctioneer auction house is scheduled to auction a pair of Apple Corp custom sports shoes on 11 days, with a start of $15 thousand (about 100 thousand yuan), which is expected to reach $30 thousand (200 thousand yuan).

This pair of white sneakers is Mei code No. 9.5, with a trademark of the color apple on the tongue and side, and the word “Apple” printed on the side. In the description of the shoes, the auction house wrote, “these shoes were made by Apple Corp in the early 1990s.”

According to the Australian website of the commercial insider website, the shoes that will be auctioned are made by Adidas, Germany. They are a pair of “prototype shoes”, which are very valuable.

The development trend of sports shoes Market

Sports shoes market has spent 2011-2013 years of stagflation and recession, the 2014-2015 year is the recovery stage, the current sports shoes will enter a new growth period.

Driven by favorable policies and other factors, the industry will continue to pick up in the next few years. For sports shoe brands, we must seize the opportunity of national fitness as a national strategy, accelerate the pace of development and improve our overall strength.

For the sports shoes market, the future competition will inevitably follow the Matthew effect, that is, the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker. With the constant changes of market demand and escalation of consumer market, consumers will pay more attention to the functional products of science and technology. Those international brands (such as Nike, Adidas, etc.) and domestic front-line brands (such as Anta, Lining, etc.) will gain a large number of basic consumer groups by virtue of their own advantages. For those two or three line brands, they will face double pressures from international brands and domestic first-line brands, and their survival pressure will be bigger and bigger.