The development trend of sports shoes Market

Sports shoes market has spent 2011-2013 years of stagflation and recession, the 2014-2015 year is the recovery stage, the current sports shoes will enter a new growth period.

Driven by favorable policies and other factors, the industry will continue to pick up in the next few years. For sports shoe brands, we must seize the opportunity of national fitness as a national strategy, accelerate the pace of development and improve our overall strength.

For the sports shoes market, the future competition will inevitably follow the Matthew effect, that is, the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker. With the constant changes of market demand and escalation of consumer market, consumers will pay more attention to the functional products of science and technology. Those international brands (such as Nike, Adidas, etc.) and domestic front-line brands (such as Anta, Lining, etc.) will gain a large number of basic consumer groups by virtue of their own advantages. For those two or three line brands, they will face double pressures from international brands and domestic first-line brands, and their survival pressure will be bigger and bigger.

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