Anta’s most expensive shoes were sold out in 20 seconds

In February this year, a big show led Lining (02331) to realize the future development of the company after years of dormancy, and the introduction of “Monkey King” series made the market see Lining’s vitality again. By the end of May 11th, Lining’s share price has risen nearly 6 per cent in the past three months.

Lining’s splendor is most anxious than Anta (02020). So we can see Anta in the recent movements, first by the Thompson series products KT2, KT3 designer, former Adidas designer Robbie Fowler personally designed to sell to the broken daddy shoes. It was released in May 5th this year to fight Anta Lining series SEEED products.

According to Anta officials micro release information, Anta SEEED series NASA60th commemorative shoes 3000 pairs of online 20 seconds sold out, the second seconds are also instant, 1 hours sales of more than 6000 pairs, the total sales of 10000 pairs of the day.

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