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Global sneaker market trend report

The market research agency, Technavio, released the global court shoes market report and analyzed the important trends that will affect the global shoe market from 2017 to 2021.

Sports shoes mainly include shoes worn on the court, such as squash, basketball and badminton. These shoes are made for some purpose and have different designs for special courts. Technavio analysts expect the global stadium sneakers to reach $10 billion 730 million by 2021, and will grow at a compound growth rate of more than 2% in the forecast period.

The main trend that affects the global sports shoes and the overall sports shoes market is that suppliers customize sneakers with 3D printing technology. Some brands have been based on the digital model of athlete’s feet, making shoes outsole with this technology.

Brijesh Kumar Choubey, an analyst at Technavio retail products and services, said: “manufacturers like Adidas, Nike, New Balance have used 3D printing systems to make customized sneaker shoe soles and provide a very comfortable wearing experience.”