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Wear dresses with sport shoes

Each sister will have a lace skirt, and the lace will increase the elegant temperament of the woman. This lace half skirt is loved at the first sight. The retro court flower is very foreign, and the texture is also made by the technology of core wrapping, and the hand feels a slight bump. The skirt type is a three-dimensional cut based on Mermaid, creating a light and beautiful radian and full details. Like a mermaid, the skirt shape is very good for matching the buttocks, and different collocation can wear different styles.

Usually this kind of skirt is seldom worn. I think this is pretty good and I want to bring it to you. Although this long skirt is not as feminine as a short skirt, its proper length and intellectual style are still worth trying. The half skirt length to the lower leg, skimming the sexy ingredients, giving the legs more free movement space. For such a irregular skirt with a slanted wooden edge, it’s cute and cute to attract eyeballs.

This pleated skirt is really good to wear! Look at everyone’s evaluation, you know how much it wears. It can be worn now, and it can be colder with a sock under a sweater. It’s a dress that can be worn all the year round! The quality and the workmanship are good, and I’ve kept a few! It has a very strong fabric, and it has a cloth, and grey. Grey Half skirt, imported TR fabric makes the plate type straight, hand feel comfortable, breathable and sweat absorbing effect is very good.