3D printed sports shoes are coming

The D shoe sole uses a new type of TPU powder. This material will be very heavy if it is made solid, while the sole of traditional sports shoes is made of EVA material. Relatively speaking, TPU is more elastic and harder than EVA. In terms of price, the difference between the ordinary EVA sole and the elastic TPU powder is about 50 times. In fact, TPU materials are also used in traditional soles, such as a small piece of the arch, to support it. But the cost of such a small piece is up to tens of yuan.

Speaking of 3D printing, another advantage is that some special shoe models meet with great difficulties according to the traditional research and development methods, such as some hollowing designs. The traditional mold molding limits the shape and performance of the sole, while the 3D printing technology is capable of printing any form of the sole, requiring only one material to form one. The traditional shoe sole manufacturing requires 4~5 steps.

However, as the first domestic sports brand to launch 3D print running shoes, PEAK also confessed that the product has not yet been prepared for mass production. “The first batch of 10 pairs of limited money is introduced, and the next step is to customize the individual according to the different needs of the individual, the service will be launched in the official and flagship stores.”

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