A pair of uncomfortable shoes hurt your feet

Because of the principle of frugality, many people use running shoes to decide whether to run, play basketball or mountaineering, and even choose not to wear sneakers.

Experts say that if you are jogging, if you are wearing unwell shoes, the lower talus joint is 4 degrees inside, and the angle of the internal rotation is even greater when the ground is not flat or the speed of running is increased. Over time, it will cause foot and ankle discomfort. Excessive use or improper use of foot can also cause tendinitis and hyperosteogeny.

Therefore, when choosing sports shoes, we must first pay attention to functionality, and understand the skid function, shock absorption function and stability of sports shoes. Sports shoes with good skid resistance can increase friction and are needed for running and mountaineering. Shoes with good shock absorbing properties can slow down the impact of external forces on the feet, and give priority to ball games and jumping exercises. If you often run on muddy paths or mountain paths along the riverside, you need to choose cross-country running shoes.

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